STABILO point 88 fineliner - colorparade deskset of 20 colours

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TABILO's point 88 fineliner is available in 55 vibrant colours and has a line width of 0.4mm. The STABILO point 88 fineliner pen is excellent for all kinds of projects - from jotting down notes, revision, mind-mapping to detailed art work. The STABILO point 88 is the original universal fineliner suitable for the whole family with a metal encased tip to ensure quality and prevent breakages. They fit perfectly into your pencil case and their special formula ink will not smudge or dry out due to its long cap-off time. The STABILO point 88 and its excellent colours make it more than just a pen - it’s a favourite!

  • Start mind mapping with Europe's number one fineliner which is well known all over the world
  • Their hexagonal striped design and their metal encased tip makes it suitable for rulers and stencils
  • The STABILO point 88 pen is smudge proof, great for left-handers and ideal for writing, drawing and sketching
  • It has a 0.4 mm line width and water based ink making it a popular choice for artists and children
  • Take advantage of the long cap-off time

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