Please provide crop marks around all your supplied artwork.
PDF Files
We request all our artwork to be supplied as high resolution (300dpi). It is important that you prepare your PDF file in the correct way.
These options must be set for commercial printing:
• Resolution - Choose High Resolution
• Compression Settings - For colour and greyscale this should be down sampled to 300dpi with "auto compression" set on high
• Font Embedding - Should be set to "embed all fonts"
Colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could affect your colours).
Include all embedded images and convert all text to curves. Save as an EPS file.
Set Resolution to 300dpi when starting your new document. Save file as either TIFF or JPEG.
Other files not listed above must be saved either as a EPS or JPEG.
Please note: If you need us to make changes to your file (JPEG / EPS), we will require you to
re-supply new artwork as either a PSD, PDF or AI file as we are unable to make changes to flattened images (JPEG / EPS / TIFF).

Please ensure all fonts and pictures used in your artwork are supplied to us in a separate folder using the "package" function under the "file" menu. Compress the document using Stuffit or WinZip before uploading or sending your order via e-mail.
Please include a PDF. This is for our reference to make sure that nothing is missing or moved on the artwork supplied. Please note that this will be proofed first and could cause a longer delivery time.
Artwork Bleed
There must be a minimum 3mm bleed around your artwork. This is for cutting purposes. Save your artwork as any of the above formats. Please note that there is a 2mm tolerance for cutting on all jobs. Please ensure that the colour is set to CMYK not RGB.
Microsoft Documents
We cannot use the following formats for commercial printing:
• Word
• Excel
• Powerpoint
• Publisher
• Works
Please note that it is important when supplying a PDF from a Microsoft document, care is taken to ensure any spot colours are created correctly in your original document.
We can accept any of the above Microsoft formats for general printing including standard print outs and posters only.
Remember a proof is submitted to you to ensure the accuracy of your printed products. You, the customer, are responsible for ensuring the complete accuracy of your proof. After agreeing to the Proof hard copy or sent via email, you are responsible for any errors or omissions not indicated at this time.
Proofs are NOT supplied as standard. Proofs must be requested by the person ordering at the time of ordering in writing, verbal confirmation will not be accepted. All proofs are subject to an additional charge of £15 for litho printing and £10 for digital prints unless otherwise agreed.
If whilst performing a standard or advanced (proofing) check, Argun Stationers discovers that the Artwork provided by the customer is defective or incorrect, Argun Stationers will notify the customer. It is the customers responsibility to either provide the corrected artwork, or give permission for Argun Stationers to the make the necessary changes (charges will be applicable). If the customer chooses to proceed without making the advised corrections, then they do so at their own risk. We will not be help responsible for any mistakes, viewing, spelling, punctuation, contact details or layout.
Need Help?
Following these guidelines ensures that there will be no delays with your printing. If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to call our design team on 020 8985 7879 who will be more than willing to help.