Pigma Brush Pens set - Sakura - 9 pcs

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The felt tip pens with brush tips will be perfect for drawing, calligraphy, decorating invitations, greeting cards and other decorative applications. The flexible, soft tip allows you to change the thickness of the line depending on the pressure and the angle of writing. The pens have an acid-free, chemically stable, waterproof and fade-resistant archival-quality ink. They do not streak, stain or puncture the surface of most papers.

In 1982, Sakura developed and patented Pigma ink. It was the first ink in the world to combine pigments with water. Currently, it is standard among reliable, durable and aging-resistant inks. The Pigma Micron fineliners are available in ten tip thicknesses, enabling professionals such as anthropologists, entomologists, scientists, engineers, archivists, architects and research lab staff to draw precise lines. They are recommended for drawing Zentangle. Whether you want to sign off or create illustrations, the fineliner set is the right choice.

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